Here you will find of list of our ministries. For the latest updates and insights follow Bush Memorial on Facebook.

  • Pre-School

    Children have a natural curiosity to see truth and understand the world around them. Our teachers embrace this, and focus on giving children a solid foundation of biblical truth they can build on as they grow.

  • Elementary

    We encourage parents to be the primary influences in their children's lives. The church partners with parents and offers resources to assist parents in growing their family spiritually. 

  • youth

    Our youth are challenged to embrace the gospel and live it out day by day.  We disciple students through biblical teaching in large group settings and couple it with small group accountability.  

  • college

    We encourage students to make sure that seeking an intimate relationship with Christ is their top priority.  Their time in school is not just about working towards a career.  It is a time of equipping.  We are committed to walking with them, mentoring them, and helping them become students who live a life that completely honors God.

  • men

    We encourage men to establish a true and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, worship, and the study of God's Word. Our desire is to build strong godly character through integrity and accountability with one another.  We want to help men assume their spiritual role of leadership. 

  • women

    We want women to grow spiritually through prayer and the study of God's Word.  We encourage them to become the women God intended them to be.  This ministry shows God's love for one another through fellowship, accountability, and encouragement.